Windy Kiss

Windy Kiss

Windy Harris is a known force in the community for many reasons. As a mentor, innovator and soccer mom, she believes in “Passing on the Blessings.” While navigating through the many challenges in her life, Windy learned that welcoming them was best way to succeed. During the challenges of being a teenage mom, not attending her senior prom, building a career, changing careers and the loss of love ones, Windy was taught values such as “Be Strong,” “Don’t Let It Break You,” “Have A Plan,” or “Pray.” She eventually discovered that welcoming whatever came was more powerful, and since then she has let life run its course.

In addition to volunteering with other organizations, Windy has a special connection with a foundation called “Proms for Moms,” which was started 10 years ago by a good friend of hers, Catrina Lewis. The foundation helps under privileged teens attend their senior prom by having a yearly banquet for adults. All proceeds go to helping teens in the community get what they need to attend and experience their senior prom. Windy understands the importance and impact it can have when a teen is not able to attend their senior prom.

Windy designed Kiss Kouture to be more than just a dress boutique and she is dedicated to challenging, empowering, inspiring and motivating women of all cultures, colors, sizes, and backgrounds to be their own personal best. Windy believes and lives by the simple motto, “nothing is happening to you, but everything is happening for you.” When you step into Kiss Kouture, you will be welcomed by the staff and the journey can continue.

Kiss Kouture

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